Ducking Fumb

Buh, people that should NOT have procreated...

Call and ye shall come!

Some people don't get it.

If you post "Donuts for free", you'll have a bazillion people lining up to feed themselves with that junk.

If you put up a sign "No guns", you can be sure that you just did the equivalent, just for crooks and criminals which are always on the lookout for easy targets (like politicians). And as predicted, it happened, since gun-free utopia doesn't even exist in places that did ban handguns, like Tony Blaris fiefdom.

Seems like Darwin hasn't yet cleaned up the Gene Pool

Seems like lots of people are plain stupid.

They buy from spammers. Yet they don't love spam, and complain loudly when another unwanted email hits their mailbox.

Looks to me like quite a percentage of the people should at least go to reeducation camps, although I doubt reeducation will have any effect. Maybe reincarnation would...

Can the inspectors, get filmed by your own surveillance cameras in the act

Sometimes, one asks himself whether people are really that dumb.

Like that California meat plant owner. Seems like he killed a few meat plant inspectors when he got too many controls in his factory.

However, he didn't factor in that his very own surveillance cameras filmed the act. Of course, somehow, the investigation later found out he did it, and that's why they're going to can him for that crime.

Darwin waltet seines Amtes

Tja, das Leben ist eine harte Sache. Ab und zu werden Leute nachlässig, oder sogar gelinde gesagt tollkühn, wie in diesem Fall, unter anderem auch hier beschrieben.

Press the button, screw up royally

Seems as some 'real specialists' managed to screw up a whole network of Windows PCs quite nicely. Remember to do the following things when you do a mass update of your installed desktop base:

  • Check that the patch you want to apply fits the platform(s) you want to patch
  • Make sure that the patch is only applied to the right OS
  • Test the patch.

As in all usual settings where consulting firms take their mouth too full, they pressed the button and prayed. Sometimes, when you do that, you need MS consulting services to get you out of the crapper. Or alternatively, a brain.


Einschneidende Folgen!

[textile] Es scheint doch ganz so, als ob die grösste Gefahr eines Castortransportes "diejenigen": sind, die ihn aufzuhalten versuchen. Auf jeden Fall hat aber gestern ein Atomkraftgegner "herausgefunden":, wie einschneidend sich so eine Mitgliedschaft in einer Gruppe von Leuten auswirken kann, insbesondere wenn man sich an Schienen ankettet.
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