The War on Terrorism

Terrorism-related work accident

Buh, seems some terrorists wanted to go and bomb something.

1984 is a few steps closer - a roundup

Seems like things are getting more interesting everyday.  Sooner or later, we're all going to be terrorists, if the trend continues unabated.

The WOT is lost

The war on terror is lost.

Thanks to this law, we're safe from terrorism

Seems like new laws against terrorism abound and seem to be interesting.

Die Zensur findet statt

Tja, es scheint als ob wir noch einen weiteren Blog-Provider gefunden haben, der von Meinungsfreiheit nicht viel hält - .

Anal Probing for Children

Seems like the little kids are already getting indoctrinated on how to perform anal probes and search other people's luggage at the airport, and make them compliant in future.

It ressembles...

Again some muslims threatening a jihad. Usually, they do it over some slur, or because some infidels (=Americans) are in a country with holy islamic sites like Mecca.

Ah shucks....never wear a coat in Summer

In case one hasn't heard that the Brit Bobbies shot the wrong person when hunting alleged terrorists.

Now we monitor in-flight internet communications

Seems like now, you can use internet on any plane (at least some international flights), according to this company. And of course, the moment one communicates on a medium, the US law enforcement agencies also want to listen in on it. Not only this seems pretty pointless in the day of chat software that can encrypt the traffic, it's also pretty useless the moment somebody starts using strong encryption (which is not banned in the US).

Der Nahost-Konflikt dauert schon etwas länger

Als ob wir das nicht schon wüssten.

Nun ja, offenbar wissen es ja eine ganze Menge Araber, dass schon Christus dort unten nicht schlecht Ärger verursacht hat - vor über 2000 Jahren...

Know Islam?

Quite interesting, and obviously causing quite a stir for being willing to speak out against a religion.

Evil boy! But where there is smoke, there must be a fire.

As we didn't expect that in good 'ol EUrope

Hmmm....after a crazy murdered one not-too-pro-muslim filmmaker in the Netherlands has left a quite interesting letter on corpse of the late filmmaker, threatening further action in Europe.

To avoid repeat offenders

[textile] Seems like some Chenian terrorists want to fight an assymmetrical war again. Like their brethren in a few other places like Iraq, Israel and other places where the muezzin screams around five times a day. For some reason, that 'Religion of peace' seems to breed a bunch of 'freedom fighters' that take their freedom to be blown to bits by their own actions too literally and usually do that onto others as well.

The Third Jihad

[textile] Hmmm...for all the people who didn't believe the whole Middle Eastern problems are religious problems, you can read it up yourself "here": Especially interesting is the following excerpt: "Since failing to protect their own interests in Algeria by turning the country over to the first of the Arab terrorists, Amid Ben Bella, the country itself is now occupied by Islamic immigrants totally twenty percent of the population." Shall anyone make up their minds, but the article is quite descriptive, and it's content ultimately alarming - just that a lot of liberals on both sides fail to grasp the scope of the problem, since they shun the idea that another crusade might be necessary to solve the problem.
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