People blowing other people up.

"Schwere Kindheit" + "gewalttätiger Vater" = nur lebenslang

Seit gestern ist die Bombe im wahrsten Sinn des Wortes geplatzt - der einzige überlebende Terrorist des 11. Septembers wird in den USA nicht exekutiert.

Wie man mit Bumerangs in Palästina Geld spart

Ich glaube auch nicht, dass man in Palästina Bumerangs findet.

Aber wer sucht, der findet!

Na immerhin spart da

Visas for Hamas Members

The Jerusalem Post reports that Sweden has granted visas to Hamas members.

It's not up to me to find out what they're going to do over there except maybe consuming some Öl, some Aquavit and eating Kropkakor.

Die Religion des Friedens™ ergreift die Initiative

Um sicherzustellen, dass niemand die Religion des Friedens™ vergisst, haben sie in ihre touristische Infrastruktur in kleine Stücke gebombt, um beweisen, wie weise und mächtig Allah und seine Religion sind.

Spaniards totally cave in

[textile] The Spaniards are totally caving in. First they get bombed (193 dead - OK, this was maybe because they were in Iraq, but after all, something had to be done there if you were a do-gooder, and helping to control the country after it was freed from one of the arguably worst dictators is one of them.), and suddenly, out of a sudden, you vote socialists into power, thinking that they'll solve all your problems. *GOTCHA!* Once you bow to terrorists (and the election results are nothing less than that), you always bow to them, or their muslim brethren. Then you start "financing mosques":http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/002732.php and suddently find out they don't really "like you much more":http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/meast/08/05/iraq.hostage.stance/index.html than before. Wow - as I couldn't suspect that. The bunch who thinks that has probably a degree in sociology or something like that.
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