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Another proof that some religions do have a tendency to bugger up your brains

It is a sign of times that a certain religion - yes, the one that claims to be one bringing peace - is turning into what it's founders intended it to become, and thus the following event seems only logical within the framework of that religion:

And now, dear climate warming prophets, show us where the world got warmer since 1996!

It wasn't a much-discussed topic in the Swiss media, but in some other countries, the authorities are not that much of a complice of the leftist media and the UK meteorlogical office revealed that global warming stopped 16 years ago:

Sure signs that the Obama campaign has more problems than the media report

If this is not a sign how much support Obama actually has, the media, especially in Europe, are lying through their teeth:

Before reelecting Obama, watch this video

Watch this before reelecting the sitting president - all that hope and change is gone, but apart from all the lies about his various programs, your debts have gone through the roof.

Contrary to SNB beliefs, deflation is not likely to happen

Currently, the Swiss National Bank beliefs that printing money and then buying Euros in order to support the 1.20 CHF exchange rate peg to the Euro is not going to initiate inflation, and that Switzerland would run into a strong deflation if it didn't. However, history proves the SNB wrong, again, again and again:

The true face of the 'Liberators' in Syria

Nothing subtle about this - this is the unaldultered, pure stuff:

US student loans are going to be the next subprime crisis

This is what will happen if you start subsidizing student loans instead of letting some students run into the hard wall if they study some useless discipline like ethnosociology or anything that can't generate income.

External Stimulus has never worked, doesn't work, and will never work, for the 2315th time

These statistics will be Obama's downfall:

Unemployment rate with and without recovery plan, June 2012

In other words - for quite a few trillion taxpayer dollars, we have absolutely NO drop in unemployment, on the contrary, we have more than 2 percent of additional unemployment. And when one looks at the total employment rate of the population, numbers get even worse:

Will "Tax the Rich" fix Obama's and Hollande's budget problems?

Alas, unlike most other socialists, statists and communists believe, it will not:

In other words, start implementing real austerity, and cut your budget in real and nominal terms.

And unless you start doing that, all the 'filthy rich' bring their money to Switzerland and other countries where they don't get robbed.

Health Care Explained (with hints to Obamacare or the Swiss health insurance system)

And the Swiss system, by sheer coincidence, has the same problems, it just costs half of what the US sysem does.

And that's a problem all western jails have

If anybody asks himself why criminals are not dissuaded by jail sentences in the west, a honest inmate puts it into simple words:

Appearing in his cell wearing a baseball cap and in a Stoke City shirt, Rudge tells viewers: 'In here you've got everything. You've got a stereo, a TV. 'You've got your food, three meals a day. I've got it nice. I don't want it to change.'

If the PIIGS (and France and Belgium) want to get out of the quagmire, look at Estonia

Actually, becoming a PIIGS country is not inevitable, and neither is getting out of the vicious cycle impossible. And the recipe is actually very simple:

Half of all government-run agencies were eliminated, the number of public employees was reduced by a third, and public-sector wages were slashed by an average of 25 percent.

The latest Rio conference was visited by a bunch of hypocrites

In RIo de Janeiro, they just finished holding a 'Earth Summit'. However, as usual, the only thing that happened is that lots of people generated lots of CO2 to get there:

The estimated carbon emissions of flying business class return Brussels-Rio de Janeiro is almost five tonnes of CO2 per passenger.

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