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Commodity prices started 'helicoptering' under Bernanke

Even 'Helicopter Ben' can't print and not face consequences:


Because one day, the prices are coming home to roost, or in this case, roast the consumer through price increases. Or basically, they take off like the proverbial helicopter after it dumped it's load of greenbacks on the economy.

(H/T to Zerohedge)

How bribes turn Green into more Green

...and want to avoid producing CO2 by taxing it even more, and in order to get that, they need to bribe members of the parliament:

Two prime examples of welfare parasites in Great Britain

...and there are more than two. However, these two are the most egregious ones I have come across in some time:

Danny Creamer, 21, and Gina Allan, 18, spend each day watching their 47in flatscreen TV and smoking 40 cigarettes between them in their comfy two-bedroom flat. It is all funded by the taxpayer, yet the couple say they deserve sympathy because they are “trapped”.


On January 5, my ole reliable web server on this address decided to call it quits after 11 years of faithful service.

I finally got a new machine with about 3-5 times more computing power 4x the RAM, 3x the disk capacity for a third of the price of the old one.

And the blog is online again, together with most of the other functionality.

Turbo-Democracy in the US Senate

"Cramming legislation down your throat" is the better term to describe this:

Multiple Senate sources have confirmed to CNSNews.com that senators received the bill at approximately 1:36 AM on Jan. 1, 2013 – a mere three minutes before they voted to approve it at 1:39 AM.

Even people like me who have trained quick-reading techniques cannot read 154 pages that fast.

Kicking down the can even more

"Habeas Papam", or so it seems in Washington after enough 'conservative' representatives voted to avoid a 'fiscal cliff'. However, the compromise is very hollow, and just prolongs the agony of the US budget:

The sequester will be delayed for two months. Half of the delay will be offset by discretionary cuts, split between defense and non-defense. 

The greatest rant about Windows 8 yet

Yes, I tried this too. It makes normal IT people go nuts, and yes, I support the call for a total product recall of Windows 8. However, I was not able to put it into such eloquent words as this bloke who made it into a Youtube movie:

Political Correctness has struck again in Sweden, this time for Christmas

For this year's Christmas, an innocous disney movie from 1932 about how Santa prepares for Christmas has gotten into the crosshairs of Swedish political correctness advocates. But first, let's check out the movie itself:

How Britain spends taxpayer money to fight 'global warming'

After yesterday's extension of the 'Kyoto' protocol (where the country where Kyoto resides doesn't even participate) until 2020, it emerges today how another country with a big budget deficit 'fights' global warming:

And after the French flee their country, the Ring a Ring 'o Roses ends...

...yup, here in Switzerland. But first the story - in France, where a certain Mr Hollande, Marxist to the bone, reins in on social 'injustice', rapacious company owners and other 'indesirables' (yup, like the businessmen and -women creating jobs), the countrymen that have money flee:

No more Twinkies thanks to the Bakers Union

Well, a few programming sessions with that unhealthy stuff really helped to finish projects on time. But now, if I ever show up in the USA again, I can only live on diet coke since there will be no more Twinkies, thanks to a Union which preferred a 100% wage cut instead of a 8% wage cut:

How Obamacare kills countless US jobs

As lots of people warned before the new US health insurance law (AKA 'Obamacare') was launched, it was designed to kill countless jobs. And it did:

The city of San Francisco may be broke....

...but it still got money for city employees to have a surgical gender transformation, AKA "Wiener-to-Moochie" operation:

In just a few days, San Francisco’s legislature will vote on a landmark new bill that if approved would allow city employees to undergo sex change operations on the government’s dime.

Something that's not cheap if done in a 'scientific' manner:

And just a wee bit more Newspeak in socialist infested Massachussets

We even have them in Switzerland - the crowd that regularly pops up somewhere to scream "Nobody is illegal" or similar paroles. However, one can go much further:

Somerville aldermen and Mayor Joe Curtatone agreed to refrain from using the word “illegals” when referring to people, at last week’s board meeting.

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