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How to solve the problem of GPGMail not working on OS X 10.7

As I still run an Apple device that can't be updated to OS X 10.8, I needed to get the latest version of GPGMail2 working on my setup with OS X 10.7.

When you try to sign a message, you will get a message like "gpg: problem with the agent: No pinentry".

The solution is actually surprisingly simple:

Next time you see a horde of eco protesters...

...just check how many of them hold a productive job. Probably few to none:

‘One of the organisers told me that at least 50 per cent are on benefits,’ Jago says. ‘He was quite shameless about it; didn’t think it was at all embarrassing. It’s like a free holiday for these people. They wave a placard from time to time, but basically all they do is sit in a deckchair, getting free food, while their kids run wild.’

Islam, the religion of women's rights, Example 461

And yet, even if this information is well known, enough women in the west convert to this 'religion'. After this video, they can't claim they didn't know what they were up to.

Brit police caves in to greenie mob

Obviously, the process of 'fracking' does not endear to too many people. But instead of taking their protest through democratically legitimated processes, the usual bunch of green eco-protesters rather behaves like the German SA of the old, except they don't start shooting yet, and the police does nothing to ensure the rule of law:

Handling stolen property is now 'within the human rights' of some ethnic minorities

That 'human rights' are expanding their overreach each and every day is nothing new. However, since today, we know that handling stolen goods is a human right for quite a few ethnicities as exemplified by this case:

A couple whose £30,000 caravan was stolen have been told a traveller family now living in it cannot be removed because it would breach their human rights.

Withhold water to "avoid upsetting muslims"

How can one find out that the Ramadan season is on? Very simple - teachers bend over even more than usual:

Making them walk the plank is definitely cheaper

One can't believe what the British government is spending money on. The latest feature is that now, they are building prisons in Somalia:

If you thought "Ethnosociology" or "Portuguese Studies" were useless university courses...

...then better hold fast to the chair your sitting on since there's even more useless stuff taught at US institutions of 'higher learning':

The poor muslims (or rather leftists) in Radstock have to endure a St. Georges flag

...and of course, it reminds them of the crusades, which took place quite a few centuries ago. However, this is reason enough to haul in the St. Georges flag:

Saudi Arabia is actually rewarding Al Qaida terrorists

Saudi Arabia is not forcibly known to be a tourist destination if you're not muslim. However, if you're a fervent muslim who things that literally implementing the 'holy' Quran is a good idea, you might even get rewarded:

RIP Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher, British PM from 1979 to 1990, has died. A stalwart fighter who turned the UK back into a economically viable country who saw all the problems that the EU is still suffering from today - more than 20 years ago:

Else, in order to read what she was all about, read "Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World".

The solution to the Cyprus-style bank account confiscation

The solution to the Cyprus-style confiscation of your money on your bank account:

Alas, after the Cyprus events, this likely to be the only option since what happened in Cyprus can now happen everywhere.

(Hat tip to Zerohedge)

Banning Cops and Robbers

Remember all these games you played as a child? Cops and Robbers? Who's afraid of the black man? No? Too bad. If your children go to school in the UK, they might soon never enjoy these games again since they are culturally insenstive:

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