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The 'freedom of movement and residence' is just a 'freedom to unload unproductive citizens into another country's welfare state'

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the 'freedom of movement and residence' for EU citiizens, the Swiss vote on a ballot initiative aiming to curb immigration, the German willingness to pay Hartz IV to every EU citizen, even if not actively looking for work, and the British refusal to pay benefits to anybody not legally residi

The Environment Agency is more concerned about gays than about flood defenses

What would one expect from an outfit called 'Environment Agency' to spend it's money on? Maybe flood defences? Hire ships to dredge rivers? Nope, not quite:

How Brussels gives incentives to flood homes

Since last December, a good part of England is mostly unter water due to torrential rains and eternal bad weather.

However, part of the disaster could have been averted by doing something very simple - dredging rivers. This was not done on the Thames river thanks to a 'rare mollusc':

How to turn 'travellers' into benefits-scrounging settlers

If one wants to solve the asocial behavior problems and the cost associated with 'travellers' (i.e. gypsies), one should not commit the following mistake:

So much for the 'humane' way of halal slaughtering

There is a reason why in any civilized country, ritually slaughtering animals without prior stunning is banned. However, not in a country sponsored by the European Union:

Beware - the video is quite graphic and should not be watched by people easily offended of either animal abuse or people behaving like a band of cavemen.

The only 'trade' of trade unions is to fleece the taxpayer

It's quite incredible to see what trade unions are capable of these days, especially in Britain (but they are the same bunch almost everywhere else in Europe):

The Unite union is offering to teach unemployed Romanians and Bulgarians how to claim benefits in Britain.

How to win a 'race equality award"

Since the BSE ("Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy", also called "Mad Cow Disease") hit the UK, the non-bovine Brits are now also having their brains rot away, thanks to political correctness:

The fallacy of Keynesian economics theories described in one picture

There's just one thing missing - use your bare hands to break the glass. Chances are you will injure your hands, and need medical treatment. Ergo more keynesian stimulus.

The stupidity of this train of thought should be as evident as the stupidity of the ideas John Maynard Keynes brought to paper.

(H/T to the Cato institute)

Open the floodgates, get wet

Since Romanians and Bulgarians are going to be able to travel visa-free to the UK starting January 1, 2014, and even be able to work without a specific quota permit, they are already investigating how they can maximise profits:

How they fight crime in Brazil

Timeless. Should happen in Switzerland every time that a convenience store or gas station is robbed:

When did Christianity last slaughter 120 muslims in the name of God?

Islam is again in action, especially in Kenya, where a bunch of depraved terrorists stormed a shopping mall, killing at least 59 non-Muslims and taking hostages:

Fifty-nine dead. At least 175 injured. About 30 hostages still inside, as well as perhaps a dozen gunmen.

And regardless whether the EU books are cooked, shut up

There's no better sign to prove that the European Union is run by a bunch of people with less-than-honest attitudes:

Herman Van Rompuy told Europe's Court of Auditors that he wants their findings to generate positive headlines with particular regard to Europe's £110 billion yearly spend.

Of course. However, unlike some other Brussels bureaucrats, these people at least had the gall to do their job:

The most expensive sprained ankle in history

How can a criminal in Britain earn 73000 GBP? Awfully simple:

A criminal who hurt his ankle while cutting back brambles for community service was paid £73,000 compensation, it emerged today.

And it gets even better. Break your arm and get close to 100000 GBP, and even lifting a wheel barrow is still almost 20000 GBP:

The latest EU idea on 'road safety'

The European Union, trying to emulate the Swiss 'Via Sicura' program, tries to foister a new scheme upon the British motorists:

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