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This single quote says all about Barack Obama

I’ve never, ever, in my life encountered a person who enjoys lying as much as Barack Obama.

Straight from here. There's nothing to add.

And now, schools can be 'too white'

It's not enough not to be racist these days in jolly old Britain, but your school must now fulfill a quota of non-white-skinned students in order not to undergo some 'diversity training' or such:

Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised by Ofsted for being insufficiently ‘multicultural’.

7th century behavior in 21st century Australia

And one can count that at least one adherent of the cult that never eats pork and has to take five breaks a day to bend down in direction of the Arabian peninsula. And at least, he read the green book and followed it when it came to his daughter:

How to promote terrorist acts 'Nigeria style'

As most may know, there's a particularly violent brand of islam making the rounds in Nigeria, called 'Boko Haram', or 'Western Education is sin'. Their main goal is to turn the north of Nigeria into a second islamist hell-hole alike to Somalia, Afghanistan or the Gaza strip. However, they also have the habit to aduct young girls and use them for prisoner exchanges.

In Sydney, the percentage of muslim population and gun crime correlate

However, why does this happen? The question should find an answer, and there's a high possibility that the stark truth may be quite inconvenient for a lot of people.

If you're a hardcore criminal, just pretent to be gay

...and thus prevent getting deported:

An illegal immigrant who stabbed a 15-year-old  schoolboy to death less than a year after arriving in Britain cannot be deported because he claims to be gay, judges ruled yesterday.

Italy is simply piping the asylum seekers into northern countries

Since it was banned to forcibly return welfare migrants to where they came from if they try to cross the mediterranean see by boat, Italy is importing them by the thousands, day for day:

Cancer surge due to Fukushima accident unlikely

Seems like the hysterical hyperbole from the green and left circles is completely unfounded:

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is unlikely to lead to a rise in people developing cancer as happened after Chernobyl in 1986, even though the most exposed children may face an increased risk, U.N. scientists said Wednesday.

When a slope is not just a non-vertical hillside

What would one think if he heard the sentence

'That is a proud moment, but there's a slope on it'

Belgium bans free speech

Stop calling all the hippies that carry handbags (or 'manbags') in Belgium what they are, since that will soon be banned:

Mocking a stay-at-home father or insulting a woman for wearing revealing clothes will be illegal in Belgium under sexism laws unveiled yesterday. Sexist comments in the office, on the street or online will be punishable by courts in what is thought to be the first legislation of its type.

The only reason Islam works this well

If it was not for this simple insight, Islam would never be able to force people to do unlogical things, and be forced to continue 'following' that religion and adhere to it's rules.

Who thought Brussels would cut the EU budget?

Those who thought that the EU would cut their budget should judge Brussels by their acts:

In a dramatic admission, EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski said Brussels overspent its budget by an astonishing £20billion last year.

Once upon a time 'conservative' parties didn't want to introduce the nanny-state

Alas, thinking that they can get more votes by becoming socialist, they are no better than the left, usually for the 'common good'.

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