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How to catch terrorists

Last weekend, there was a "Draw the Prophet Muhammad" cartoon drawing contest. An event that was almost bound to attract either extremely vocal muslims, or armed terrorists. But they were prevented from killing these 'blasphemous' infidels:

How Indonesia solves drug problems

There are countries that tolerate illegal drug trade. And then, there's Indonesia:

Reformed Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran and their six fellow death row prisoners were tied to crosses with cable ties before being shot by a 12-member firing squad in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

One-way roads are more accident-prone than bidrectional roads

The left is craving about one-way roads in order to 'calm' traffic, slow it down and annoy motorists, all in the name of security. However, exactly this makes traffic more dangerous to cyclists:

Africas youngest billionaire...

...goes by the name of "Ashish Thakkar". Please find the error.

Unless you count all these corrupt potentates in resource-rich countries, but they have not earned their money with their own mental and entrepreneurial capacities.

Useless university degrees

There's a huge rage in the US going on over student loans which - a specialty in US bankruptcy law - you cannot default and discharge from, and some states - in other words, the tax payer - are taking measures to get their money back:

How immigration from Africa is bleeding the NHS dry

Even the UK government now has to admit that HIV-infected Africans are costing the British taxpayer (in Britain, your taxes finance the health system, it's not some sort of health insurance system) a whole lot of money:

Nevertheless, in 2013, an estimated 38,700 black-Africans were HIV positive and this group constitutes two- thirds (65%, 38,700) of all heterosexual people living with HIV.

Now a criminal in the UK can be punished with 'victim empathy courses'

Burgarize one home in the UK, get a slap on the wrist.

Burglarize 50 homes, you maybe get a jail sentence.

However, if you burglarize more than 200 homes, you will get a 'victim empathy course':

A serial thief who admitted committing more than 200 burglaries in just two years has avoided jail and been ordered to attend a ‘victim empathy course’, it was revealed today.

Luxurious gypsy hotels in Bath, UK

One is wondering how the the Bath council, permanently short on cash, can afford this:

But this £1.6million caravan site has been built by a council to provide a permanent home for just eight traveller families.

That's 200000 GBP per gypsy family. And it's built to high standards that aren't afforded to the normal British council house inhabitant:

Socialist logic: Financial help to illegal immigrants does not impede support to US students

Since every college, a quite usually leftist-infested instituation, now wants to outmatch each other when it comes subsidizng the studies of illegal immigrants, they now use their proper funds to do so:

How to become a climate change advisor

It's actually very easy:

The former Deputy Prime Minister has enjoyed an astonishing 23 foreign trips in the course of this Parliament, amassing more than 181,000 air miles and depositing an estimated 24 tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

This alone ennobles you to get one of the much-coveted posts in the shadow cabinet of 'Red Ed' Miliband:

And here comes the next light bulb ban

Obvously, the world can be saved by banning all but the most expensive light bulbs:

The sale of halogen bulbs which are used in millions of homes could be banned as early as next year as part of the EU’s energy-saving drive.

However, it's surely not saving money:

The family of "Jihadi John" - a clan of benefits leeches and asylum fraudsters

Everybody knows about the 'plight' of a ISIS terrorist with a nice eastern Londonian dialect who's been the star of various abominable movies where he decapitates victims in order spread the peaceful message of islam. However, what is less known is that he and his family have fleeced the British tax payer to the tune of 400000 pounds:

The elecric car has no benefits

Electrical cars seem to be a nice gadget, and maybe in some places lake subterran caves, it could have benefits. However, not out in the fresh air:

Electric cars' global-warming benefits are small. It is advertised as a zero-emissions car, but in reality it only shifts emissions to electricity production, with most coming from fossil fuels.

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