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If Islam per se is not held responsible for its deeds, terror will continue in Europe

After last Fridays terror attack in Paris, all the politicians vow to step up security measures and and try to destroy the islamic state which is reiging large swathes of territory in Syria.

The side of the story about the poor refugees nobody ever tells you

Now if this are the poor and underfed asylum seekers, maybe we need to have a closer look at them.

How to make sure every Asylum 'seeker' wants to go to Britain

There has been a huge discussion about the nightly attempts by Africans in Calais to get a lift on a lorry or the trains passing through the Eurotunnel. However, nobody has shed a light on the reason why every migrant tries to get onto the British isles instead of staying in France where they would be perfectly well protected from persecution. And as usual, for a simple problem, there's a simple reason:

In Australia, councils and municipalities seem to be awash in money

Obviously, in Melbourne, Australia, there's either too much money in the public coffers, and/or taxes are too high as evidenced by the following 'public service' they introduced:

A project established for the public to report issues with trees in their local council has taken a curious turn after every tree in the city was given its own email address.

The British electric grid has just 1.2% of spare capacity

Even in the united kingdom, green energy polices, and the fabled 'Energiewende' have left a trail of devastation. If the next Winter should be unseasonably cold, there's a fair chance the power grid will go down:

Without the new emergency measures, the grid would have had just 1.2 per cent of spare capacity during the coldest, darkest evenings in the coming winter.

We have an "Agreekment" - and a total, unconditional surrender

Yesterday, after much wrangling, Greece, just one week after voting no to austerity, has surrendered in front of the European Union:

The Religion of Peace™ had a happy Friday

Yesterday, the so-called "Religion of Peace" decided to implemented their holy 'writing' in three terrorist acts. First, they slaughter 'kuffars' in Tunisia:

This image just proves that these are just economic refugees

If there is a proof that these Africans are just seeking the country with the highest benefits payment, the following video is the living proof:

Free speech in the United Kingdom, 2015

Nowadays, you should be careful about what religion you call 'heathen', like a pastor found in Ireland:

During a sermon at the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in May last year, McConnell said: 'People say there are good Muslims in Britain - that may be so - but I don't trust them.

'Islam is heathen, Islam is satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell.'

"This is a small group of extremists"

Everybody in the mainstream press believes that the muslims who want to hang 'apostates' or kill those who convert to another religion are a small minority. However, this is not the case:

How democrats campaign for minimum wage...

...and don't pay their 'interns' a single cent:

About 19 out of 20 Democratic lawmakers who are clamoring for a substantial increase in the U.S. minimum wage don't pay their own interns a red cent, according to an analysis from a Washington think tank.

That's like the catholic priests who secretly had wives, or, if lacking that, did it with young boys.

And now imagine if this couple were not armed with guns

This is a lucky couple in South Africa that is still alive because they were armed:

The couple, however, should practice their marksmanship in order to hit the criminals instead of their walls and their furniture.

Finally a muslim that speaks the truth

There are a few honest muslims in this world, like a certain Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who say what Islam, allegedly a 'religion of peace', really is:

‘Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of fighting’ 

At least, somebody who is Muslim and downright honest to say what his religion is about. And he's even more revealing:

Proof positive that "asylum" seekers don't seek protection, but high benefits

If anybody needs a proof that all these African and muslim migrants are just seeking a maximum return on investment instead of just protection from persecution, one needs to look no further than Malta:

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