The United States of Bankruptcy

Our US, suffering from Obamanomics and they still spend like there is no tomorrow

How democrats campaign for minimum wage...

...and don't pay their 'interns' a single cent:

About 19 out of 20 Democratic lawmakers who are clamoring for a substantial increase in the U.S. minimum wage don't pay their own interns a red cent, according to an analysis from a Washington think tank.

That's like the catholic priests who secretly had wives, or, if lacking that, did it with young boys.

Socialist logic: Financial help to illegal immigrants does not impede support to US students

Since every college, a quite usually leftist-infested instituation, now wants to outmatch each other when it comes subsidizng the studies of illegal immigrants, they now use their proper funds to do so:

This single quote says all about Barack Obama

I’ve never, ever, in my life encountered a person who enjoys lying as much as Barack Obama.

Straight from here. There's nothing to add.

Nichtraucherschutz an einer Tabakmesse?

In Hamburg gibt es, wie in vielen anderen Jurisdiktionen auch, ein Nichtraucherschutzgesetz, mit dem man zum Beispiel Gaststätten rauchfrei macht (auch Zigarrenbars). Aber wie man jetzt herausgefunden hat, ist es auch bei Tabakmessen anwendbar:

Der Nationalrat ist mutiger als Widmer-Schlumpf

Es tönt beinahe unglaublich, aber der Nationalrat hat bewiesen, dass er mehr Mumm als unsere 'Finanzministerin' hat:

Der Nationalrat legt das Steuerstreit-Gesetz auf Eis. Mit 100 zu 90 Stimmen bei 4 Enthaltungen hat er heute einen Ordnungsantrag der SP angenommen, der die Beratungen aussetzt. Diese sollen erst wieder aufgenommen werden, wenn der Inhalt des Programms bekannt ist, das die USA den Schweizer Banken zur Beilegung des Steuerstreits anbieten.

Turbo-Democracy in the US Senate

"Cramming legislation down your throat" is the better term to describe this:

Multiple Senate sources have confirmed to that senators received the bill at approximately 1:36 AM on Jan. 1, 2013 – a mere three minutes before they voted to approve it at 1:39 AM.

Even people like me who have trained quick-reading techniques cannot read 154 pages that fast.

Kicking down the can even more

"Habeas Papam", or so it seems in Washington after enough 'conservative' representatives voted to avoid a 'fiscal cliff'. However, the compromise is very hollow, and just prolongs the agony of the US budget:

The sequester will be delayed for two months. Half of the delay will be offset by discretionary cuts, split between defense and non-defense. 

Obama und die US-Demokraten wollen nur weiterwursteln wie bisher

Seit heute ist in den USA das Land über die scheinbar so brandgefährliche 'Fiskalklippe' gesprungen, und jetzt versucht der demokratisch dominierte Senat, weiterzuwursteln wie bisher:

Die nun nach langem Tauziehen erzielte Einigung sieht vor, die Steuern für die reichsten US-Bürger zu erhöhen und die um Mitternacht wegen der «Fiskalklippe» eigentlich automatisch in Kraft getretenen Ausgabenkürzungen um zwei Monate zu verschieben.

No more Twinkies thanks to the Bakers Union

Well, a few programming sessions with that unhealthy stuff really helped to finish projects on time. But now, if I ever show up in the USA again, I can only live on diet coke since there will be no more Twinkies, thanks to a Union which preferred a 100% wage cut instead of a 8% wage cut:

How Obamacare kills countless US jobs

As lots of people warned before the new US health insurance law (AKA 'Obamacare') was launched, it was designed to kill countless jobs. And it did:

And just a wee bit more Newspeak in socialist infested Massachussets

We even have them in Switzerland - the crowd that regularly pops up somewhere to scream "Nobody is illegal" or similar paroles. However, one can go much further:

Somerville aldermen and Mayor Joe Curtatone agreed to refrain from using the word “illegals” when referring to people, at last week’s board meeting.

Sure signs that the Obama campaign has more problems than the media report

If this is not a sign how much support Obama actually has, the media, especially in Europe, are lying through their teeth:

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