Round like a shot

Shot Harddisk No. 3

Another patient which desperatly needed a copper & lead injection. Looks like the illness was cured permanently.

Shot Harddisk No. 2

Another 'patient' cured by a 5.6 mm bullet. Looks like it will never have heat problems again.

Shot Harddisk No. 1

A hard disk that had to suffer and was de-traumatized with a 5.6mm bullet. .223 evidently has enough "Ooomph" to do this job.

School videos for liberals

I've found a few interesting school videos at to teach young children about the evils of this world. Very instructive. The posters are also worth some time to check out. For more posters, check out the website of Oleg Volk - his stuff has a professional quality, and shows his trait as a photographer.

What are the Japs smoking?

I thought I've seen it all when it comes to martial arts weapons. Tonfas, Kusari Gamas, and even the occasional sword and such.

But this definitely stretches the borders of the imaginable. I know that some stuff containing keratine are quite resistant, but what he does with it is even stranger. But I heavily suspect only Japs can come with stuff like this.

Picture posting now works

Ok, pictures can be posted as well. They work rather well,as you can tell by the facial expression of the rabbit in inline picture. :shocked:

Oh, and just for all the commie pinko liberals, I think PETA means "People Eating Tasty Animals"....

Tom's hardware all back asswards

I've noticed a quite cool website which has a few very interesting things about how you can abuse hardware. Especially breaking a CPU open sounds like an interesting thing to do in your free time, as well as playing around with water cooling.

A small site, but worth the time visiting it.

Snoop InfoSystems moving to Drupal

OK, since I'm tired of static web pages, I'm moving the whole thing, slowly, but inexorably, to Drupal, a nice little CMS system found at

This will also allow me to keep this webpage a bit more up to date while dancing on the nose of a few MySQL advocates. If you're amongst them, you'll quickly find out why I hate mysql. Things like ACID compliance should be mandatory in any RDBMS, but then, MySQL and even MS SQL, but then the latter ain't a product I'd personally use in life and death matters...

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