The Third Jihad

[textile] Hmmm...for all the people who didn't believe the whole Middle Eastern problems are religious problems, you can read it up yourself "here": Especially interesting is the following excerpt: "Since failing to protect their own interests in Algeria by turning the country over to the first of the Arab terrorists, Amid Ben Bella, the country itself is now occupied by Islamic immigrants totally twenty percent of the population." Shall anyone make up their minds, but the article is quite descriptive, and it's content ultimately alarming - just that a lot of liberals on both sides fail to grasp the scope of the problem, since they shun the idea that another crusade might be necessary to solve the problem.

1st August Tank Battle - Conclusion

Proof positive that weaponry made in communist countries (like the small fireworks tanks) is usually not up to the task of creating death, destruction and mayhem, and the stuff made in quasi-communist countries (like the bigger tanks made in Germany) don't hold up to their promises neither.

1st August Tank Battle - Part I

The battle is raging on....

Zuerst waren's nur die LKWs...

[textile] ...und ich sage nichts, weil ich keinen LKW hatte (aber gerne vergesse, dass mein Bier im LKW angliefert wird). Jetzt kommt sie, die "PKW-Maut":,1518,311165,00.html - um damit die Strassen zu modernisieren. Fragt sich nur, wie früher die Strassen gebaut wurden, als es noch keine Maut gab? Ich vermute mal, dass es da die Aktion Sorgenkind gab..... Es sieht also jetzt danach aus, als ob der deutsche Autofahrer einmal mehr zur Milchkuh der Nation gemacht wird, nach den Rauchern, den bösen Grossverdienern und natürlich den Firmen, die immer weniger zahlen wollen.

The prelude to the tank battle

The prelude to an epic tank battle. News will follow after the inital engagement.....

One-Liner to copy a CD

[textile] You can actually copy a CD with just one command> /usr/bin/cdrdao copy --driver generic-mmc --source-driver generic-mmc --device ATA:1,0,0 --speed 24 --eject --source-device ATA:1,1,0 --on-the-fly Works dandy and is much faster than the conventional graphical tools, given you get the right drives with 'cdrecord -scanbus'.

California goes crazy on guns again

[textile] It's just incredible. Some people really need brain suppositories. For some funky reason, the Calinfornia General Attorney went to a gun shop, "confiscating uber-evil guns": from a bad, bad gun dealer. They also used the transaction records to go door to door on folks that bought "Robinson Arms": - and very likely the "California legal version of the M96 rifle": which is so far not banned (but probably no fun too shoot neither). Just the catch: Most of the guns were quite legal, and they were just a thorn in the eye of some ultra-liberal politicans and their appointed attorney general. I wouldn't be suprised to find out that all other guns confiscated from this dealer were legal as well.

HTMLarea implemented

I have turned on HTMLarea for good. It's actually a very nice HTML editor that will work inline in Mozilla and Internet Explorer so you can now create HTML in a much easier way (the results and the rendering are definitely first notch).

However, there's one catch for the textile users - you have to turn it off to use Textile in a good and useful way since the both conflict (but I'm pretty sure the Textile users will probably switch sooner or later, unless they're hardcore text-only users like me. How to do it? See that second-last icon on the second line, looking like - this switches the whole view to and from HTML mode so you're basically on control of everything. This way, you can also turn to textmode and use the Textile features to have a simple blog entry with possibly just a few links.

Total information awareness

After having heard about how a police officer can get all data about you, we get even better news that the US government even has data protection laws that will avoid a super-might state accumulate data about every citizen (things like gun ownership, felony convictions, credit card spending pattern etc). It just seems to me that it won't be really difficult to use all the 50 databases to mine them for data (if commercial entities can do it, why not the state?). Whether, however, this will help against evil muslim terrorists is open to debate.

The probably most useful software for PocketPC

This is the probably most useful piece of software ever devised for the PocketPC (which usually could be converted to OpenEmbedded and consequently the Familiar distribution for the HP Ipaq).

I salute the effort of this hardy soul in the quest to improve on the PocketPC platform. Say, couldn't you make an OpenZaurus/OpenEmbedded (no X Windows) version of UAE? This would be much more useful, I suspect, and you could have som

Kurt Wasserfallen's Homepage

Hmmm....das ist also die böse Homepage einem der wenigen nicht links-grünen Regierungsmitglieder in der Stadt Bern....

Coming-out von stadträtlichen Kiffern

[textile] scheint doch Leute zu geben, die zwar Volksvertreter sind, aber de fakto für diesen Job intellektuell nicht wirklich befähigt sind. Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass sie nur "Spitze des Eisbergs": betreffend ihrem Hanfkonsum zugegeben haben, aber nicht den Rest, der sie vorher dazu brachte, "Sozialdemokrat": oder "Melonensozialist": zu werden. Das Schlimmste ist, dass es offenbar genug Leute gibt, die diese Leute auch noch wählen. Wenn denn schon die Justiz diesen Leuten hinterhergeht, soll sie doch die Sozialprojekte, die diese Leute zweifellos mitzuverantworten haben, gleich über kräftige Bussen finanzieren. 150 CHF decken nicht einmal die Kosten eines Toilettengangs eines Richters, bei 15000 Franken pro Sozialist könnte es aber lukrativer werden, so dass man damit auch die Leute durchfüttern kann, die es wirklich nötig haben (was Drögeler, total Versiffte, Alkis, Punks und Arbeitsunwillige Jugendliche (die man mehr als häufig im Bahnhof herumhängen sieht) nicht einschliesst). Autofahrer behandelt man ja schliesslich gleich.

Invaliditätsraten in der Zürcher Stadtverwaltung

[textile] Hmmm...lese ich doch heute wieder mal ein "liberales Käseblatt": und da lächelt mir schon die Meldung auf der Titelseite entgegen, dass in der Zürcher Stadt- und Kantonsverwaltung "die Anzahl IV-Bezüger": massiv ansteigt, insbesondere bei den Jüngeren. Was doch an sich sehr verwunderlich ist, da diese Leute keinen schweren körperlichen Job haben, wo man auch noch einen Unfall bauen könnte (ausser man schläft am Pult ein und schlägt sich den Kopf an der Tischkante auf), oder sogar einen stressigen Job (die Mehrheit der Fälle ist denn auch nicht wegen körperlichen Problemen, sondern weil sie dem psychischen Druck nicht mehr standhalten.

Girlie Men

[textile] Seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger "got a few things right": and basically says that his legislature is a bunch of whining wimps representing special interest groups (amongst others, homosexuals, trial lawyers, taxhikers - basically the bunch that takes you on from the term 'girlie men' *is* appropriate). Well, if I were Arnie, I'd first clean up the administration and fire a quarter of the staff to save money, and then start cleaning up all those well-meant programs for intregation, reeducation and other stuff not strictly needed. Maybe they can then rig the budget without raising taxes without having all the affluent big liberal hell-holes sinking into the pacific.
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