If Islam per se is not held responsible for its deeds, terror will continue in Europe

After last Fridays terror attack in Paris, all the politicians vow to step up security measures and and try to destroy the islamic state which is reiging large swathes of territory in Syria.

Some ideas might be right. As of now, the Russian air force is attacking the ISIS-held oil fields and the tanker truck columns that help smuggling that oil to their wiling ally Turkey where they can sell it on the black market, thus helping to fund the war ISIS is waging against the Syrian and Iraqi government and various non-governmental forces like Kurdish YPG forces that won the battle of Kobane.

However, combatting ISIS directly is notoriously hard unless civilized countries are willing to commit large ground troop contingents to encircle these medieval barbarians believing that the ideology of the seventh century, brought forward by a robber and butcher like the prophet of a certain religion which may not be named, but is well known, and accepting high losses, or a large outlay of money to take out these murderers, only to be waiting for the next group of them to form somewhere else, like maybe in Yemen.

The solution to the problem, that ISIS is just a symptom of Islam, and that 16% of the French population support ISIS,and 40% of the British muslims believe that the 7/7 attacks in London were justified. And approval rates for such terrorist groups, how heinous their crimes will be, will remain similar.

So there has to be a different approach to solve this problem without resolving to barbaric methods. And actually there is. Hold the entire muslim community responsible for their acts. And that's how it goes:

For every terrorist attack resulting in the death of one person in the west, which can be attributed to islam, Europe has to do the following:

  1. Immediately extradite 250000 muslims from Europe. They have 72 hours to leave the European continent, including the non-EU and non-Schengen countries
  2. Anybody who has to leave who is caught after the proscribed 72 hours gets 10 years in a labour camp, doing some useful labour like digging a new tunnel or helping to build railways or other words of public utility. They will not flee as they get a tracking collar attached.
  3. First, muslims without a passport from a European country have to leave. Refugees will be brought to a safe muslim country and housed in camps if they can't be sent back to their home country.
  4. If there are enough terror acts, we will run out of muslims without European passports. Then comes the hard work of throw out muslims which have somehow gained a European citizenship. For such people, if they have proven their met (like long military careers, proof of being of utility to their country etc), they will be relegated from forced extradition. If no muslim country wants to take them back, send them to the camps mentioned under 3) .
  5. Of course, immigration from muslim countries has to be stopped completely.
  6. Conversion to non-muslim faith, unless backed up by a long history of following that religion in trackable way, will be useless. This is on order to avoid having a community of Christians which are in fact just crypto-muslims, like it is likely happening now in Germany where numerous Afghans seem to convert to Christianity in order to avoid being deported (because they claim they will be killed in Afghanistan - it's rather they won't get all these nice handouts if they go back).

This plan may sound imhumane, but this plan has several advantages:

  • All muslim groups in all European countries have a vested interest in rendering terrorist attacks completely impossible and denounce every muslim terrorist lest they risk being cast out of the relative comfort of Europe and it's welfare state and having to return to their native country.
  • Europe will have a free 40 million security agents making sure that if anybody even openly thinks about how good a seventh-century islam could be, that person is immediately being tracked by security forces and banned from Europe for life.
  • Any more violent solution is avoided.
  • Rights of all citizens will not be trampled with various surveillance laws that are only enacted because of terrorists.
  • The cost of security will drop damatically

In other words, unless we hold the faith responsible for the acts of a seemingly small minority, which however seems to be backed by a rather large strata of muslims in the European countries, terrorism and thus the constant curtailment of freedoms will not stop.

If we do not threaten drastic acts and take off our gloves, one day, a few extremists, backed by a large strata, will commit an attack that will make European governments capitulate in front of their demands, which will then grow exponentially until we have a few small Saudi-Arabias in Europe, with all the 'niceties' of that country which at least intellectually, stayed stuck in the seventh century BC.