In Australia, councils and municipalities seem to be awash in money

Obviously, in Melbourne, Australia, there's either too much money in the public coffers, and/or taxes are too high as evidenced by the following 'public service' they introduced:

A project established for the public to report issues with trees in their local council has taken a curious turn after every tree in the city was given its own email address.

Of course, this has no measurable effect or benefit, but at least loonies world-wide have a new playground:

From Melbournians thanking the trees for providing air, to a child asking what it feels like when leaves fall off the trees have received over 3000 emails. Coming from as far as Russia, Germany, the US, the UK, Hungary, Moldova, Singapore, Brazil, Denmark and Hong Kong, the letters often ask questions of the trees. 'You are my favourite tree in all of Melbourne! Even if you do need a little but of help under that great leafy canopy', wrote one nature enthusiast.
'Do you remember when I used to drive by you?' asked L in their letter.
'You are my favourite tree, even though you make me stoop over during my morning run when you grow too big', emailed another to the Golden Elm.

However, the worst thing is there are actually some humans which will answer to these mails:

Sometimes if people are so lucky, the trees respond to questions asked in emails.

These mails are written by staff, on the payroll of the city of Melbourne, paid for by - one can guess it - the taxpayer. Posts that can be abolished, and the savings be given to the taxpayer. Together with the money wasted for even giving these trees an email address.