The British electric grid has just 1.2% of spare capacity

Even in the united kingdom, green energy polices, and the fabled 'Energiewende' have left a trail of devastation. If the next Winter should be unseasonably cold, there's a fair chance the power grid will go down:

Without the new emergency measures, the grid would have had just 1.2 per cent of spare capacity during the coldest, darkest evenings in the coming winter.

And in order to combat that, of course, the consumer has to pay:

The £36million insurance measures will secure an extra 2.56 gigawatts of power, boosting the capacity margin to 5.1 per cent, according to National Grid.However, the cost will be passed on to consumers, with an average rise of 50p for every household's energy bill.

In other words, closing down 'un-green' power stations costs the consumer a nice wad of money, and like in any other country, the bill per consumer will be higher in the end,