We have an "Agreekment" - and a total, unconditional surrender

Yesterday, after much wrangling, Greece, just one week after voting no to austerity, has surrendered in front of the European Union:

An independent fund will take control of €50bn of Greek state assets, collateral to prevent Syriza reneging on the deal at a later date. Three-quarters of this will be sued to recapitalise the Greek banks and repay debt.International inspectors will have the power to veto legislation. The radical-Left Syriza government will be forced to repeal a raft of laws passed since it took power in January, stripping away the last fig leaf of sovereignty.

And note well, these €50 billion are apart from the bank deposits approximately the only assets Greece has, and if one looks at the last rounds of privatization, the receipts from selling these assets will be much less than the hoped-for amount. Also, now, the troika also has a rather complete veto right to any legislation which basically means that whatever government the Greeks vote into power, it has no say in essential matters, especially budget matters.

This means the factual state of siege was mostly successful:

Food companies warned that the country will start to run out of beef and other imported meats within days and could face serious food shortages by the end of the month unless the banking system is reopened, and firms can pay foreign suppliers once again.

This in the end, plus the fact that a few more days of this would have mandated a haircut on Greek deposits still in Greek banks without any alternative - and it can be suspected that a haircut like in Cyprus is still without any alternative, even with a EU 'bailout' made the Greek permier sign an 'Agreekment' which basically means austerity even harsher than what the Greek population just rejected in a week a vote ago.

Tsipras has just surrendered and broken all promises he made in the elections last January, and does not heed the mandate given by the Greek people. Such PMs and their governments have to go. Maybe the next Greek government, after Syriza has betrayed the voters, will contain a sizeable number of Golden Dawn ministers since that's about the only party that hasn't betrayed the voters (yet?).