The Religion of Peace™ had a happy Friday

Yesterday, the so-called "Religion of Peace" decided to implemented their holy 'writing' in three terrorist acts. First, they slaughter 'kuffars' in Tunisia:

This is the face of the man who laughed as slaughtered holidaymakers while they sunbathed on a Tunisian beach, killing 38 - the majority of them said to be British. Islamic extremists ISIS have said they were behind the attack in the resort, naming the gunman who targeted Western tourists as Abu Yahya Qayrawani - thought to be the jihadi name of the killer shot dead by authorities after Friday's attack.

However, killing kuffars does not stop in Tunisia if you have lots of muslim immigrants in Europe, where the next killing took place:

The decapitated body was found in the front seat of the truck along with a knife that is now being analyzed. The head of the victim was found pitched on a fence surrounding the factory with two flags with a Muslim profession of faith written across them

No error here, Islam was the driving momentum behind the attack, even if maybe the motivation was to kill the manager of the company. However, leave it to the depravity of those following the islamic faith to the letter, kuffars are not as bad as perceived apostates:

A suicide bomber purportedly from an Islamic State affiliate unleashed the first terrorist attack in Kuwait in more than two decades on Friday, killing at least 27 people and wounding scores more in a bombing that targeted Shiite worshippers after midday prayers.

The "Islamic State" has shown with these attacks by three probably unconnected lunatics that it doesn't even coordination, but just the firm belief in their holy scripture which allows all three of the above deeds, regardless of the consequences. Which will be dire, on one hand for tourism in Tunisia, on the other hand for ISIS, which will now have the Kuwaiti air force which will target them and help the Iraqi government killing as many of these reverted animals after attacking an important minority in the small sheikhdom.

However, so far, as long as the muslim countries don't coordinate their efforts to kill of this spawn of islam, and make sure that anybody in their countries glorifying their deeds gets to spend the next decade in a desert prisoner camp, their visible motivation to pretend to be moderate muslims is not sincere, and thus, for many people in these countries will have jubilated yesterday at the 'success' of the fighters who then died for Allah.