Proof positive that "asylum" seekers don't seek protection, but high benefits

If anybody needs a proof that all these African and muslim migrants are just seeking a maximum return on investment instead of just protection from persecution, one needs to look no further than Malta:

Informed sources said the AFM intercepted a boat carrying about 30 migrants off Delimara this morning. All the migrants refused assistance other than the woman and her two children who were transferred to a patrol boat. Another patrol boat is monitoring the migrants' boat as it heads towards Italy.

In Malta, the only thing migrants are going to get is a bunk, a roof over the head and regular meals. No benefits, no money, no integration. The intention is that these people go home after the crisis. In Italy, they don't get more, but they can then proceed to Switzerland, Germany or Sweden, where ample benefits wait, money, they can send back home to get even more people into Europe, where they will finance more migration. And if one example isn't enough, there's more:

Maltese patrol boats have not been picking up migrants at sea because the migrants themselves refuse to be rescued by Maltese boats, the commander of the AFM’s maritime unit, Lt Col Andrew Mallia has been quoted as saying by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. He said that whenever Maltese patrol boats intercepted migrants’ boats the migrants invariably refused help.

And the reason for this behavior is very simple, and driven by economical motivations:

He explained that the migrants did not want to come to Malta because that would make it difficult for them to proceed to Northern Europe.

In order to stop this, there's only one solution: No more benefits paid to migrants, and house all muslim migrants requesting asylum in camps which they cannot leave, and have to live in until the situation in their home country is safe again. These two measures will make Europe completely unattractive for these people.