One-way roads are more accident-prone than bidrectional roads

The left is craving about one-way roads in order to 'calm' traffic, slow it down and annoy motorists, all in the name of security. However, exactly this makes traffic more dangerous to cyclists:

The number of accidents fell by up to 60 per cent on roads converted to two-way traffic, it found. Streets were 'slower and calmer' than one-way routes and therefore better for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, as well as drivers.

Uh, these one-way roads are not of very much use. Or actually counter-productive:

Over three years, collisions dropped by 36 per cent on one street and 60 per cent on the other – despite an increase in the number of cars using the roads. Analysis of traffic patterns across the city found the risk of a crash was twice as high in areas with one-way streets.

In other words, the idea of one-way roads is not sound, and it does not prevent traffic accidents, like many 'road traffic experts' mandated by leftist city governments proclaim.