Luxurious gypsy hotels in Bath, UK

One is wondering how the the Bath council, permanently short on cash, can afford this:

But this £1.6million caravan site has been built by a council to provide a permanent home for just eight traveller families.

That's 200000 GBP per gypsy family. And it's built to high standards that aren't afforded to the normal British council house inhabitant:

Soundproof fencing will cut down noise from a nearby road and railway. The build, by Elim Housing, cost £1.62million – with £870,000 of council cash and £750,000 from central government.

Add this to the nice bathrooms and kitchen these 'permanent' accomodations for 'travellers' (AKA gypsy) have, once has to wonder if these usually Irish travellers are worth more to the council and HM treasury than the average British tax payer or council home inhabitant.