Socialist logic: Financial help to illegal immigrants does not impede support to US students

Since every college, a quite usually leftist-infested instituation, now wants to outmatch each other when it comes subsidizng the studies of illegal immigrants, they now use their proper funds to do so:

Several U.S. colleges are giving financial aid directly to students who are young illegal immigrants, extending the debate about helping people in the United States illegally at the expense of Americans who are in need of similar opportunities.

And they of course try to muzzle the discussion by claiming that US students do not fare worse:

New York University -- which receives federal, state and city money -- says the aid given to illegal immigrants is not at the expense of American students.“This is not taking away from anybody,” MJ Knoll-Finn, an N.Y.U. admissions officer, told The New York Times, which first reported the story. “This is a formalized way of making sure these students know they’re welcome.”

Of course, the argument of the New York university - financed by the tax payer - is wrong. If that money is given to illegals, it's not available anymore to finance the college dreams of legal residents studying there. It's actually as as simple as 2-1=1 .

However, that's not socialist logic. Because there is unlimited money in socialist utopia.