How to become a climate change advisor

It's actually very easy:

The former Deputy Prime Minister has enjoyed an astonishing 23 foreign trips in the course of this Parliament, amassing more than 181,000 air miles and depositing an estimated 24 tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

This alone ennobles you to get one of the much-coveted posts in the shadow cabinet of 'Red Ed' Miliband:

Lord Prescott, 76, says his new role will involve helping a future Labour government broker international agreements on reducing emissions, which campaigners claim are pushing up global temperatures.

Where, very likely, he'll fly around even more, thus fillin up the atmosphere with a gas he believes will destory our planet. If one wants to save the climate, he should start having a look at his own behavior first.

But being a socialist usually just teaches you how to point fingers at others to point out how 'badly' they do.