And here comes the next light bulb ban

Obvously, the world can be saved by banning all but the most expensive light bulbs:

The sale of halogen bulbs which are used in millions of homes could be banned as early as next year as part of the EU’s energy-saving drive.

However, it's surely not saving money:

Yet these alternatives can be as much as 15 times more expensive. There is the additional problem that some LEDs do not work with the dimmer switches and wiring circuits currently used by halogen bulbs, while CFLs can take up to five minutes to reach full brightness.

And here we have the actual reason behind this ban - not energy saving, but simply force a new generation of bulbs upon consumers which is far costlier and will not recoup the savings of using less electricity, except if the kilowatt hour starts costing something like 50p. And ontop of that, the fluorescent light bulbs discharge harsh light and take up to five minutes to be bright enough to be usable.