The family of "Jihadi John" - a clan of benefits leeches and asylum fraudsters

Everybody knows about the 'plight' of a ISIS terrorist with a nice eastern Londonian dialect who's been the star of various abominable movies where he decapitates victims in order spread the peaceful message of islam. However, what is less known is that he and his family have fleeced the British tax payer to the tune of 400000 pounds:

Jihadi John and his asylum-seeking family have milked the British benefits system for 20 years, the Mail can reveal today. Housing the Islamic State executioner and his relatives in affluent parts of London has cost taxpayers up to £400,000.

In other words, for a bunch of useless people that turned out to breed a terrorist that has cost the Brit taxpayer another few millions in expenses to hunt him down. And alas, that's not where the outlay of money stops:

Incredibly, they are still believed to be pocketing £40,000 a year in handouts despite there being no sign of them in Britain.

If they are not even in Britain, most people would be frankly suprised they get this amount of handouts. And for sure, the daddy of 'Jihadi John' has gone back to his place where he claims he was persecuted:

Emwazi’s father Jasem, who has six children, is back in his native Kuwait – the country he claimed he fled fearing for his life.

The usual bunch of fraudsters requesting asylum, and one on top of that thanked his country by having his son murder two of his host country's citizens.