The elecric car has no benefits

Electrical cars seem to be a nice gadget, and maybe in some places lake subterran caves, it could have benefits. However, not out in the fresh air:

Electric cars' global-warming benefits are small. It is advertised as a zero-emissions car, but in reality it only shifts emissions to electricity production, with most coming from fossil fuels.

At least in the US. However, even in hydraulic-powered Europe, in the end, the (by the greens) hated CO2 output is higher for electrical cars than normal fossil-fuel powered cars. And there are practical examples:

The most popular electric car, a Nissan Leaf, over a 90,000-mile lifetime will emit 31 metric tons of CO2, based on emissions from its production, its electricity consumption at average U.S. fuel mix and its ultimate scrapping.

And a usual diesel-powered is not much worse, from an ecological point of view:

A comparable diesel Mercedes CDI A160 over a similar lifetime will emit 3 tons more across its production, diesel consumption and ultimate scrapping.

In other words, for much more financial commitment, not mich is gained. And even if one picks the latest and greatest in ecological cars, the purchase of these 'green' vehicles is not a good deal:

The results are similar for the top-line Tesla car, emitting about 44 tons, about 5 tons less than a similar Audi A7 Quattro.

And the whole bill gets footed - as usual in eco-greenie schemes - by the taxpayer:

Yes, in both cases the electric car is better, but only by a tiny bit. Avoiding 3 tons of CO2 would cost less than $27 on Europe's emissions trading market. The annual benefit is about the cost of a cup of coffee. Yet U.S. taxpayers spend up to $7,500 in tax breaks for less than $27 of climate benefits.

In other words, even if avoiding these CO2 emissions would cost 200 times more on the European CO2 emissions market, it would not break even.

In other words, forget electric cars for the time being and buy a normal gasoline or LNG car. It's more fun to drive, and way more economical.