Brussels does not want you to have a crust on your Sunday roast

The latest idea from Brussels on the subject of 'energy efficiency' is to limit the power that ovens can emit:

Brussels are set to impose a maximum power limit on gas and electric ovens next month which could threaten the Sunday roast. An EU ruling will require 'new energy efficiency requirements for ovens, hobs and range hoods' by next month.

Of course, all for the good of Europe:

Officials insist it will cut waste and improve value for money. Eurocrats say all changes will save an average household about £32 a year. 

Of course. Except that if you ever tried to create a proper crust on a roast, this will be a thing of the past with these new ovens.

And with coffee percolators that switch off after five minutes in order to save power, one can be sure that some thrifty electronician will create an IC that disables this feature.

However, circumventing the 'energy-efficient' mechanisms of ovens will be a little more difficult, at least for the consumer.