Apart from South Africa, Sweden has the highest rape rate in the world

Sweden seems to lie in some backward region of this world, at least when it comes to the rates of rape and sexual violence:

In the meantime, apart from South Africa, Sweden now has the highest number of rapes (that are reported) in the world per capita (see UN "Statistics on Crime, Sexual Violence").

That being said, 'Rape' in Sweden is about everything which touches a woman and a prosecutor thinks he has to prosecute. However, a lot of it is also unreported:

There are, however, rapes that are not being reported to the police at all. A significant percentage of these "rapes" are apparently committed by immigrants from a Muslim background.

So far, Islam is not native to Sweden, but an imported religion. And to boot, this ethnicity is responsible for a very high number of these crimes:

The Swedish government has refused to keep track of these numbers, which by definition cannot be exact, but multiple reports, based on unofficial accounts from policemen and social workers, put the percentage at around 75%.

This means Sweden's immigration policy has been a full success. However, an even 'better' success is the immigration policy of Norway:

According to a police report in neighboring Norway, a country politically similar to Sweden, 100% of all rapes in Oslo over the last five years were committed by Muslim immigrants.

Norway's probably going to be next to Sweden on this list put together by the UN.