And that's how you make sure your citizens will be kidnapped again

The Turkish hostages captured in Mossul, Iraq, are back in Turkey. The details how this was possible have now emerged:

Two British jihadists are understood to have been among scores of militant prisoners handed back to Islamic State by Turkey in return for the release of diplomats held by the group.

On top of that, the Swiss Blick newspaper confirmed that a terrorist who killed two police officers and a soldier in March has also been traded to ISIS in return for their 48 diplomatic personnel.

This will just embolden ISIS to try to take hostages again in order to force liberation of other prisoners. Meanwhile, the same organization will happily behead one hostage after the other, knowing that there will be few consequences until Western armed forces go all-in on ISIS with ground troops and eradicate the movement and each and every of their exponents, and place a complete and total embargo on any muslim country supporting ISIS, regardless of the consequences.

After these events, the continued membership of Turkey in the NATO must be openly questioned since their acts show they will cooperate with terrorists and not even attack them with their powerful armed forces after they were fired upon by ISIS forces.