How to promote terrorist acts 'Nigeria style'

As most may know, there's a particularly violent brand of islam making the rounds in Nigeria, called 'Boko Haram', or 'Western Education is sin'. Their main goal is to turn the north of Nigeria into a second islamist hell-hole alike to Somalia, Afghanistan or the Gaza strip. However, they also have the habit to aduct young girls and use them for prisoner exchanges. Now, the Nigerian government is thinking about actually releasing murders, child abusers and violent separatists in order to get back the girls:

Mike Omri, the director of Nigeria's National Orientation Agency, said that the government will 'use whatever kind of action' it takes to free the girls. 'At the moment, because all options are open we are interacting with experts, military and intelligence experts from other parts of the world,' he said. 'So these are part of the options that are available to us and many more.'

WIth terrorists there's only one point to negotiate: The caliber of the weapon you're going to use to kill them. Anything else will embolden them to commit more terrorist acts. Releasing convicted terrorists to free civilians is not an option, this will just make them take more hostages to free more of their comrades.

The counter-example to this is what happens to Al Qaida - the Americans never discussed such ideas and kept convicted or suspected terrorists in jail. The Nigerial government should adopt the same stance.