Iraq is now also going down the drain

After Afghanistan decided that dropping the civilisatory level back to that of the cro-magnon people seems like a valid alternative to prosperity and freedom, it's now Iraq's turn:

A new law being considered in Iraq could lead to girls as young as eight getting married and wives having to submit to sex at their husband's every request.

And then, of course, the husband (or wanne-be Muhammad-the-Prophet) has all the rights, the women is for the fulfillment of sexual desires, with no recurse:

Also, under the proposed measure, a husband can have sex with his wife even without her consent. The bill prevents women from leaving the house without their husband's permission, would restrict women's rights to parental custody after divorce and makes it easier for men to take multiple wives.

Sounds like - well, another country that slipped back into the seventh century, and we aren't talking about Afghanistan. Yes, Saudi Arabia! And if there's any hint the girl would maybe like to go school instead of breeding one 'shaheed' a year, no way to say no because daddy says so:

The bill also makes the father the only parent with the right to accept or refuse the marriage proposal.

And of course, the Iraqi minister for justice thinks this is all right.

If he does, he also condones pedophilia, rape and slavery. Good, back in the seventh century, that was also the standard that their 'prophet' laid out. Iraq went down the drain, and the loss of US soldiers had no effect. At least when Saddam Hussein was in power, the country had some semblance of being a civilized society.