How to turn 'travellers' into benefits-scrounging settlers

If one wants to solve the asocial behavior problems and the cost associated with 'travellers' (i.e. gypsies), one should not commit the following mistake:

Gypsy site: The council has spent £200,000 attempting to evict the travellers from the site which has been given its own postcode - enabling the inhabitants to claim benefits.

Of course, if they can get free money, they will flock to that place like the flies will seek a fresh cow dung pie. Which makes sure that it will be very hard and very costly to get rid of them:

A four-year legal battle has already left taxpayers with an estimated legal bill of £200,000.

This is just for the eviction of illegally occupied land. And they want to draw out the whole eviction procedure even more, probably with more legal aid from some die-hard leftists which might work pro bono for them on the false assumption that there is an active gypsy persecution in the UK based on their race or ethnicity, but the 'persecution' is actually more because of their behavior.