The Saudis should have stuck to 'rehabilitation methods' that work

It's almost incredible that even now even deeply muslim countries think they can rehabilitate dangerous criminals with 'art therapy', 'dialog' and other minimally invasive 'therapies' (they do differently with hardenen child rapists, though). However, as they found out after we did, trying the same methods on hardened drug dealers, murderers and rapists, it didn't quite work:

In Saudi Arabia, he entered a highly praised rehabilitation program that uses dialogue and art therapy to persuade former militants to renounce extremism. But after graduating, Shihri crossed the border into Yemen and rejoined al-Qaeda.

What makes the whole failure even better is that one can now 'graduate' by 'studying' such stuff. Indeed, that terrorist did. He's now back in Jemen, after having left the prisoner camp in Guantanamo.

At least, that 'graduated' reborn Al-Qaida terrorist showed himself grateful by devising a bomb plot to blow up a US airliner. The chickens come home to roost, at last.

If the Saudis has just decapitated this guy like they do with any other terrorist, we'd now be spared full-body scans and other infringements on our rights.