When terrorists are on trial, you can be sure the left has it's snout in the trough

One can usually be sure that when asylum seekers or terrorists are to appear in court, the bill will be footed by the taxpayer in it's entirety, in exorbitant amounts, and the money will ultimately benefit leftist lawyers, as shown here:

Among the beneficiaries of the legal aid bonanza was Leftwing defence barrister Michael Mansfield, QC, nicknamed 'Moneybags' because of his huge fees. The law firm run by controversial solicitor Mudassar Arani received £273,000 as it initially represented a defendant. Details of the huge legal aid bill were released by the Legal Services Commission.

Details I will spare you - except one: The whole sum was 7.1 Million UKP. If every tax evader got such an all-star team of leftist lawyers, no problem.

But, as usual, it's not the local yokel who's going to get a real budget for defence. And the leftists get yet more money to help to create cesspools from which people like these convicted in the discussed trial will emerge.