How to turn Wikipedia into a state propaganda tool

The German government is training people to better contribute to the German edition of Wikipedia, through the intermediary of a certain Nova Institute, which will receive state funding, Heise reports. Of course, this will not be about random subjects, but about a few subjects like:

  • renewable resources
  • vegetable fibers
  • EU quotas on 'Biofuels'

However, nothing on touchy subjects like "alien criminality", "criminality quotas with communities with 'immigration background'", "honor murders" and so on. Looking at that Nova Institue also quickly reveals why. They're a leftist and ecologist think tank, probably staffed by people who have good connections into the current government and are EU fanboys and -girls, in order to have the money funneled into their company, and thus their pocket, all while claiming to do something good for the 'enviroment' and promoting the EU.

Looking at one of their company officials also reveals a few rather interesting things and quickly confirms the direction of the comany, and it's probably almost sole source of income. In this light, the job to enhance Wikipedia and imbibe the citizen with information which has not passed an impartial peer review classifies as an insidious attempt at state propaganda.

Thank God it's the German taxpayer who has to foot the bill.