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Today, we're stepping into the biggest

biggest pool of smelly mass ever.

Tomorrow, at 12:01 am, the European Union will do another step into the third world, thus becoming an empire (and the who'll be the emperor? Some bureaucrats?).

Ten new countries, whose finances are in barely less dire straits than Germany's, will join that supernatural cosntruct and try to live off the money of other people, which basically means they'll live off Germany's pockets (and some other small countries which are deemed 'rich' but whose finances are as screwed up if not worse (and if Switzerland was in, they'd ask for our money as well - they already tried that despite the fact that we are not member of the EU and frankly, I and lots of other people don't want to be there).


Pretty interesting, actually. See this about the cronies in the UN that wanted to help the Iraqi people (that sure want to be helped).

At any rate, this shows the gross incompetence of another supernational body trying to do "the best". They usually do.

When misspending other people's money.

Sh*t happens

[textile] Hmmm...sometimes people die in nasty ways. Ripping off your genitals, listen to Kastelruther Spatzen for days or such. But this definitely breaks the barrier. Note they have the kid CPR all the way long to hospital. I just don't hope it was the "kiss of life".

Wanna a book of STFU?

Wanna a book of STFU (Shut the F*** up)? Have a look at this.

Check out what the guy in the back is using the make her stop? Doesn't it look like the pen is mightier than the sowrd? :evil:

Al Qaeida now partner of New York Times?

We already know some newspapers have strange partnerships to get more readers.

I didn't know, however, that the venerable New York Times had a partnership with Al Qaeida. But as it seems, it has. Check out the following URL:

Killing me softly....

Pretty impressive for an urban legend. First they download a truckload of music, and then it gets erased. Then the person who downloaded the music erases the person who deleted it. Although, it was not quite rm -rf /dev/ipod if you read the report....

Oh, people have been killed for less before....but they haven't killed with an Apple IPod....possibly this prank could get us a few more useful devices banned?

Read the article for more details. Also, check out the related news. Maybe the Ipod will get banned soon enough?

Consuming the mandrake, Part II

I've recently downloaded the V10 community edition of Mandrake Linux in order to give it a run on my laptop. So far, it's actually running quite well. Actually, it's working quite nicely due to the fact Mandrake V10 supports apm on my laptop correctly and even inserts the Tohsiba hardware module all right.Suspend and hibernate work like a champ, Suspend-To-Disk not yet, although I'm pretty confident I'll get this running as well sooner or later in order to get rid of Windows on my work laptop (for 'serious' work, we're and we'll stay Macheads).

However, where there is light, there's also a bit of shadow, as ACPI is not currently compiled into the kernel, and apcid doesn't quite work. ReiserFS prevented more damage when I pushed the power putton of my laptop, though. Also, unlike the Desktop 9.2 version, there are no Nvidia drivers inside, which basically means 3D performance sucks until you build them in. Looks to me like an oversight on the part of the manufacturer. Also, the wireless configuration was not completely painless neither, although my WLAN card on my laptop (running with the Orinoco Gold chipset) has long since been supported by Linux).

Real men, real keyboards

Ah, finally at least, I found a real keyboard which didn't have this squishy feeling that all of these new-fangled keyboards have. No wimply little hyper-environmentally aware stuff that is touted as 'friendly' to your joints. Nothing that would just keep you looking for the keys like some 'ergonomic' keyboards that make you forget where the keys are (alternatively, use a dvorak keyboard layout, but then for the people that are really nuts, just use the Belgian layout).

I can hear the keys clack and now from hearing when I hit a key hard enough to have pressed the key once or twice when I wanted to generate a double letter. And the keyboard even wears an old and venerable logo from a company that probably made the last real Unix - Tru64.

Hopping over to Mandrake

Hmmm....I'm not a really quick changer. Actually, I even need some time due to the fact that I sorely lack time to keep my desktop up-to-date (my servers are another story, though).

Lately, I installed Mandrake Linux on a spare harddisk to get some update from Redhat 8 which I was still using down here, and so far, the distro holds up and I've even developed a taste for their software. Actually, KitchenSync (for my Zaurus) works much better on it than on Redhat, and doesn't choke when the sync is done. Also, there are lots of apps available, and for the 'evil' apps RedHat requires you to compile yourself, we have the Penguin Liberation Front which will supply even more. The great thing is this distro install the right NVidia drivers on the spot so you don't even to move a friggin' finger for that.

Fasnacht um Bern - da sind einige geistig nicht nur fast umnachtet...


Einige Schlaumeier sind vor einigen Jahren auf die Idee gekommen, so eine stupide Sache wie die Fasnacht auch in Bern einzuführen, was natürlich nicht besonders schlau ist. Wenn man schon nur daran denkt, dass dieser Umzug die Strassen verstopft, von denen Bern sowieso zu wenige hat.

Will man am Samstag Nachmittag nach getaner Arbeit (jawoll ihr Luschen, das Wochenende enthaelt einige Tage mehr, die man fuer Sachen wie Arbeit verwenden kann - jeder der mit "Hesch mer e Stutz" hinterherflennt, soll zuerst 6 Tage pro Woche 10 Stunden arbeiten) noch schnell ein paar Sachen einkaufen, wird man von der Marktgasse von so dämlichen Tambouren, Trötenbläsern und anderen Leuten, die versuchen, ihre letzten gasförmigen Hirnreste durch die Trompeten rauszupusten, hermetisch umzingelt als müsste man irgendwo eine Drogenhölle ausheben (now well, dann müsste man besser mal die Reitschule umzingeln und filzen). Ach ja, die Spraydosen mit gefärbtem Instant-Sperma, dass schon von kleinen Kindern verspritzt wird, und die Papierschnipsel die man den Leuten anwirft, kann man sich auch gleich sparen.

What a bunch of poor fu^H^Hloosers

I'm not surprised that such crap makes the rounds. After all, it's just too convenient to hijack another few machines to spew forth a viagra ad, or some penis enlargement crap (or more local, a porno DVD).

Of course, this is only a problem for people even allowing ActiveX controls on their system. Actually, there are free web browsers and not so free web browsers that successfully prevent this on Windows platforms.

Or of course, you could use

School videos for liberals

I've found a few interesting school videos at to teach young children about the evils of this world. Very instructive. The posters are also worth some time to check out. For more posters, check out the website of Oleg Volk - his stuff has a professional quality, and shows his trait as a photographer.

What are the Japs smoking?

I thought I've seen it all when it comes to martial arts weapons. Tonfas, Kusari Gamas, and even the occasional sword and such.

But this definitely stretches the borders of the imaginable. I know that some stuff containing keratine are quite resistant, but what he does with it is even stranger. But I heavily suspect only Japs can come with stuff like this.

Bah, our must beloved customs service has it's ways

Seems like our customs service has some problems determining the value of items. Lately, I've gotten a few interesting things through ebay, and several of them came through just fine with minimal indication of value or the contents of the parcel (the sender wrote "computer parts" on it), others were almost taken apart, and for the audacity the customs service also demanded quite a hefty add-on.

Seems like these leeches have received the mission to double the revenue from small-time parcel ebay shoppers in VAT and fees.

It also seems like some people will receive the mission to have P.O boxes across the border and then screw them back.

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